Spit Roast by Jason Lee

In the near future, with the Chinese economy dominating globally, there is no autonomy without privacy. Football is dominating everyone’s lives, and China is desperate to hold the World Cup. When international celebrity footballer John Tao is caught with his pants down by the paparazzi, will all things remain the same in the digitalised world, and who is Augustine Illumines?

Spit Roast is a mind-bending novel, transgressing the boundaries of countries, species, sexuality, and gender, Orlando-style. In Russian doll form, the plot explodes, confirming Emerson’s view that, when time and space in relation to matter have no affinity we become immortal. The ghosts of Bukowski and Bataille come alive, echoing in the prose, as we traverse the entire life of one man, woman, and beast, knowing no boundaries, and ceasing to conform.

Wherever we go, wherever anyone goes, John Tao is incarnate in everyone’s life, spit roasting the central perk of a half-a-million-a-week salary, where anything goes. From his disturbing days on the front and back pages, to John Tao’s blissful retirement, Spit Roast dissects a man and a culture on the brink, with a glimmer of light.


‘An odyssey – those looking for the heir to William Burroughs have found him here. Like Will Self and JG Ballard, Jason Lee has once again invented an entirely unique world. With Spit Roast, culture’s existential sexual underbelly, all those pigs in sweaty blankets, is unfurled.’

Balan Muthurajah

‘A remarkable talent.’

David Dabydeen, Professor of Comparative Literature University of Warwick, Guyana’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the People’s Republic of China


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