Seeing Galileo

seeing galileo

Seeing Galileo contains poetry, photography, and scripts, with a critical introduction that touches on key literary and historical conjunctions. The writing within this volume is in part inspired by the encounter between Milton and Galileo, imaginary or otherwise, while the photographs are from Florence and Pisa, where Galileo was born, and where, at the age of twenty-five, he became Chair of Mathematics.

This book is about the present and how we live with the past. At times ignoring it, taking it for granted, or abusing it, and at other times being overwhelmed by it. It is at once critical, creative and theoretical, and as we read each discipline feeds upon each other. Providing a sense of interconnectedness through what is at times altogether unwritten, but can be glimpsed in the gaps we peer through.

[Excerpt from the Preface]

Anthony Levings, Managing Editor, Gylphi

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