Unholy Days

unholy days


Desperate to regain his family’s fortune lost centuries ago when the English invaded, the mayor of Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz goes into business with the English criminal underworld. But who is really running this mystical island that sits ninety miles from Africa? When Lisa Fenton’s partner Nathan disappears the conclusion is that this is just yet another lost Englishman who has got his comeuppance. Lisa is visited by Julia and they find themselves in the trap of a racket as more and more bodies are discovered from several places of Tenerife. Were the conclusions about Nathan wrong or did he just know too much? Who really runs this island and who will gain the elusive map that locates the Mexican silver from the days of the conquistadors? Situation complicates and suspicion shifts from one end to the other as this unputdownable thriller progresses with breathtaking suspense.

Unholy Days, an “unputdownable thriller” about Tenerife

Great atmosphere, literary yet readable, a poetic thriller that’s original

Amazon review by DrOrphelia

I thought that this was a fantastic evocation of a changing island,and that the different strands of competing interests were brought to life almost like a whirlpool, sucking down stories into a vortex.

Amazon review by RG

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