Child Sexual Abuse & the Media

Palgrave Macmillan will soon be publishing my third monograph on child abuse.

Child Sexual Abuse and the Media: from false memory to global memory.

This is the first book exploring child sexual abuse within global religious and media organizations, moving beyond the limitations of binary discourse. Termed here the dual narrative, on the one hand there is the view that everyone is a potential paedophile, and on the other there is the notion there is a witch-hunt falsely accusing people. This book seeks to overcome this binary. We begin by a re-examination of historic claims of satanic ritual abuse and move on to investigate global celebrity culture. The global religious context is covered, followed by an analysis of technology. The internal report into the BBC and the UK’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse are examined, plus recent claims of satanic child sexual abuse. What is revealed is how child sexploitation is at the heart of the establishment maintaining power, driven by constructions of gender. It is shown how memory is selective involving stories we tell ourselves to confirm identities.


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