Killing Presidents – House of Cards Reborn

IMG_3019.JPGIn series 6 of House of Cards there are no images of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). The president’s ghost lingers, his double knock of victory echoing in The White House, his dastardly deeds dictating, but he’s invisible. Can Claire Underwood really erase her husband, like Netflix?

Spacey will not be prosecuted over the 1992 allegation. Other allegations are being investigated. The series is just as good, if not better, without him, but is the world of acting better off minus the man? Our relationship with all of Spacey’s performances changes with these allegations. They become imbued with something other, something uncanny.

And what of President Trump, a TV star turned president, rather than vice versa. There have been many allegations against him, but his image is nauseatingly repeated throughout the media. Plenty of people would love to delete it. Others love him for who he hates. To quote another lying president, the baby isn’t viable.

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