The Generation Game – are you X, Y, or Z, or do you self-id?

Which generation are you? Maybe you are a Traditionalist, born 1900 to 1945, Baby Boomer 1946-1964, or a Cusper 1940-1945; a Generation Xer, born 1965-1980, or Cusper 1960-1965; perhaps a Millennial, if you are born after 1980, or Cusper 1975-1980; or a Zed, if born 1995 to 2012 (1.). Many of the Baby Boomers grew up with World War II vets as fathers, unlike Generation Jones. For Jonesers military service, in America at least, wasn’t compulsory. Keeping up with the Joneses was trickier with prosperity decreasing. How does this classifying help, other than offer stereotypical groupings for marketing purposes? Generation Z is post-millennial, the Millennials being Ys, following Generation X. Then we have Generation Nothing who, according to the Urban Dictionary, have nada to say; “they don’t think for themselves, and aspire to be a vacant minded nobody”. Douglas Coupland’s novel Generation X got its name from Billy Idol’s band, which was named after a book published in 1965, so Xers maybe baby boomers or Cuspers (2.). And what if you self-id as another age, generation, or species; can Z = X = Y = K9 (dog years)? After Zeds comes Generation Alpha, born 2013 to 2025. All of these have their traits and there is a difference, biologically. In 1860 the average onset of puberty in girls was 16.6, in 1920 it was 14.6, by 1950 it was 13.1; by 1980 it was 12.5, in 2010 it was 10.5 (3.). So Zeds go through puberty significantly earlier than early Traditionalists. If there might be an option for self-iding in this context, what is the better letter, X, Y, or Z? For Shane Ryan, if we are rating letters alphabetically, top of the alphabet tree for quality is Z, with X being positioned at number three, but for me X is the best; “X is where treasure is buried…the nexus, the pox, and the hex. There is no exit, because X is the apex” (4.).





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