Maxwell House Falls, now Windsor?

How do you feel having your money used to defend an alleged privileged paedophile? I wrote Unholy Days in the naughties, based partly on the life of the Maxwells and it included people trafficking. When I wrote it, I was unaware of Ghislaine’s involvement in this behaviour which relates to Prince Andrew. Today she is called a monster by the tabloids and a paedophile. As I explained in Pervasive Perversions, accusations and convictions of female paedophiles are limited. Whether Ghislaine’s stretch inside is limited is a good question. Reports say 70 years maximum. She has always said she would protect Andrew, but with the prospect of dying in gaol what would you do? Her accomplice Epstein apparently committed suicide in The Big House, but there are suspicions so a deal might be necessary. The Daily Star opens its analysis today by pointing out she is ‘close pals’ of Andrew. The Times, a bastion of the establishment of course does not mention him, despite Andrew saying they are old pals. Harrowing though it is, there is a lot of hope that can come from this: more women and girls could come forward in general who have been abused; the British monarchy might not be regarded as a bastion of what is always right. In a recent poll of young people significantly more wanted an elected head of state rather than an inherited one.

With the Queen’s jubilee coming up we need to consider how this anachronistic shady system should relinquish power. Charles’s exploitative management of his personal interests is clear from this film – – and the majority believe he should not be king; like Jimmy Savile (a friend of his father and mother), William blocking the press from printing accounts of his alleged affair/s again reveals how the UK under a monarchy is not a free society.[i] Propaganda that they are value for money with the absurd idea they provide some form of service is today untenable. They are damaging to UK PLC. Andrew still features on their website with his legal fees met by the Queen – i.e., you, if you pay taxes, unlike the royals who pay zero inheritance tax. Royalty is institutionalised discrimination, so how is equality ever going to arrive under a monarchy? To quote Andrew from his Newsnight interview, it is time for the monarchy to ‘do the honourable thing’ and go gracefully into history, rather than holding its subjects, country, and equality back. Andrew’s case is being considered by a judge on the 4th of January. Happy New Year!

[i] Prince William and Kate Middleton Affair Rumors, Explained (

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