British Academy Innovation Fellowship with Jones Bamber Productions

Meeting the Screenwriting Skills Gap: Evolving Innovation in the British Film Industry Through Mental
Health and Disability Equality.

I have been working in the Entertainment Industry since 1970…

I trained as an actor at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art from 1976-1979. I was engaged at Watford Palace Theatre as part of their Theatre-In-Education Team in 1981. During my time at Watford, I had the opportunity to work with physically and mentally disadvantaged children and adults. I co-wrote and directed a play specifically to cater for the special needs across the board. I am not sure if the audiences received as much entertainment and education from our play as I did from the talented and charismatic youngsters and adults. They inspired me to read more and learn more. One of the most important things I learnt was that not all disabilities are visible. Unfortunately, my lack of acting ability and the need to earn a living meant I returned to film work. During my career I have been able to work as a guest speaker. I was particularly humbled to work with “Help the Heroes”. I met 2 extraordinary gentlemen who possess great skills (and injuries from the various campaigns they were involved with) learned in their military careers that greatly benefit the making of a production. We have been able to work together on several projects, but I am aware how much more we should be doing to give easier access to ALL that want a career in films and television. I believe recent figures suggest that only 5.2% of the production teams have a disability and 7.8% of the on-screen performers. The entertainment industry can learn so much from the veterans whose planning and organisational developments are so linked with the logistics of day-to-day filming.

Terry Bamber Terry Bamber – IMDb

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