The Politics of Despair and Hope – Nihilism, Destruction, and the Future

There is a popular current conspiracy that the Tories are deliberately wrecking the country, as they know they will be out. They can then swoop in with their hedge fund friends and offshore accounts and make a right killing, all under the guise of saving the country while Labour screws up. I am not sure I buy this. Firstly, despite 13 years of Conservative rule this May, there is no guarantee they will be out at the next election. Secondly, and I admit I might be wrong, can things get any worse? The fear mongering about Brexit proved to be correct; and remember Brexit was about keeping the Tory Party together through satisfying the ‘swivel-eyed loons’, to quote one Prime Minister who only got into power through the Liberal Democrats’ support.

We know now that no matter how much corruption people cling on; there is no decency, no moral compass. Forget Marx and Engel’s point about everything solid melting into air. All solid values have melted into polluted air, with the rivers and shores of Britain an open sewer due to Liz Truss. Remember her? Yes: it is a shit storm. Idiots believed Boris; some believe Sunak. They must keep their faith in the lies to stay sane; they will believe the next fakery. Sir Starmer, however, unfortunately does not seem like a breath of fresh air, more a stale model of Blair Part II who certainly was no innocent. So, where does this leave us? Before we despair at the level of corruption, let us remember that this disunited kingdom is on an interesting cusp, especially in terms of where Scotland and Wales head next. From this Zeitenwende hope can arise.   


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