‘The Enrichment of the New’, by the Reverend Gwyn Davies

See, I am doing a new thing!

(Isaiah 43:19)

It is easy to fall into routine, seek safety in the mundane, and remain untested; but surely having been given the gift of life we should seek more and push ourselves into the unknown? Experience tells us that when we do this, once our apprehension is overcome, we are lifted by the euphoria of the new. Such it was with me when I was invited to London by Jason Lee to take part as an actor in the filming of a teaser for an upcoming project. This was all new to me, but my inquisitiveness was piqued.

Being deaf, I was apprehensive about what lay ahead; but arriving at the base for the day (Carluccio’s, St Pancras Station), I was soon put at ease by the professional yet easy nature of the team. During the technical discussions, I felt like the Stoics when, on hearing Paul speak in Athens (Acts 17), they became even more curious. A whole new language! It is a testament to my comfort in the situation that, as the day progressed and the filming started, I already felt part of the project. Needless to say on the journey home the apprehension was replaced by an uplifting joy.

May we thank the Good Lord for new experiences!


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