Indexing Your Fear – The Zero Mirror

IMG_0363_2.jpgWhen writing a book about Neo-Nazism and the media you tend to want to not overtly give attention to certain condemnable individuals. Some acts of terror by white separatists are carried out just to gain attention, so anything adding to this publicity, even in an academic book, can feel wrong. In many fields terror at all levels is generated to emphasise conformity to the dominant power base. Recently, when completing my index for this book, I was fully conscious of this, choosing carefully who or what to include in the index, recognising how selectivity is significant. Simultaneously, we need to accept individuals, real human beings, carry out these atrocities, often in groups. Whatever the reasons, humans hold these beliefs, not monsters despite behaving monstrously. The ability to hate is not an isolated phenomenon. Many politicians and leaders thrive on driving this hate in many forms, spreading and feeding off fear, instilling hatred of the other, creating a false loyalty that denies freedom and thought. In this zone ignorance and evil thrives. This denial of difference we repeatedly see in history leads to a dead end, killing human potential. If we want to thrive we need to embrace difference, not stamp it out lost in the mirror reflecting zero.

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